One of the many benefits of using CSE Pro (Hebaunal) is the consistent finish that is achieved time and time again. Precasters are able to manufacture multiple units with the confidence that once erected on site there will be no visible difference in exposure depths from unit to unit, eliminating the need for costly and messy site “touch ups”.

CSE Pro (Hebaunal) offers a range of exposure depths ranging from 0.5mm through to 7mm, catering for all Architectural requirements from micro exposure to coarse exposure.

Because the exposure depth is chemically controlled, once the precast element is lifted from the casting bed & ready for water blasting, it is a simple task that can be carried out with ease & confidence and no experience is required.

If the precast element is cast on a Friday, the element can remain on the casting bed over the weekend and the need to water blast can wait until the following Monday, so suitable for weekend production which is a real added bonus when dealing with retarders and unlike other retarders there
is no need for scrubbing, waterblast only.

CSE Pro (Hebaunal) is an easy and economical way to achieve that Architectural expensive exposed aggregate finish.

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