Curecon A

  • Acrylic water based membrane curing compound compliance: AS3799

Product Description

CURECON A acrylic water based curing compound is a Class D, Type 1 curing compound for use on new concrete that facilitates maximum moisture retention through the curing period to maximise concrete strength & durability.

CURECON A, when applied by the correct method and at the recommended application rate, leaves a dried film, which is not particularly obvious. This film has minimal darkening on exposure to sunlight. CURECON A is based on an acrylic resin combined with other additives.


  • Compatible with most after trades
  • Environmentally acceptable.
  • No ventilation requirement.
  • No stringent safety requirements.
  • Efficient curing of the concrete assists the development of strength, abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Reduces the likelihood of cracking or dusting at the surface.
  • Easy to use, eliminates messy water curing or polythene film.
  • Low odour.

Design Criteria

The coating should be applied at a coverage rate of 5m2/litre. To achieve the correct curing properties and moisture retention according to AS/RTA standards, Curecon A must be applied at the above stated coverage rates. Curecon A does not contain a fugitive dye so care must be taken to ensure a uniform application is achieved. Curecon A dries as a clear film on the surface


Colour Milky Fluid
Viscosity >0.050Pa.
Specific Gravity 0.95-1.0
Flash Point Not Applicable
Drying Time Approximately 1½ -2hours at 25°C

After this time the CURECON A will be shower resistant, and will resist re-emulsification and consequential removal

Coverage 5m2/L (0.2litres/m2) using a spray applicator – do not brush
Application Equipment Low pressure spray (preferred) or soft 10-15mm nap roller.
Thinning Nil – use as supplied
Clean Up Water when wet. Xylene, or Solvent 525 (allows reemulsification with water) when dry.


Application Instructions

Mix prior to use. Ensure CURECON A is homogeneous. Curecon A should be evenly sprayed onto the surface over the freshly laid concrete as soon as possible after final trowelling. Ideally Curecon A should be applied as soon as the surface bleed water has evaporated. In all cases Curecon A should be applied at a coverage rate not greater than 5m2 per litre.

Note: CURECON A does not contain fugitive dye. Care should be taken to ensure CURECON A is applied in an even film over the entire surface area of the concrete.