Colortec Max

  • Totally Invisible; Penetrating
  • Invisible oil and dirt repellent protective agent for concrete surfaces - water-based

Product Description

COLORTEC MAX "CM"is a ready-to-use and invisible water-repellent protective coating for the all-round-protection of mineral surfaces, especially for the protection against common and aggressive dirt, for example oil- and food-spills, efflorescence, industrial emissions, etc. CM is invisible when dried.

Advantages in application:

CM is solvent-free, but has a very high penetration depth and an extremely high alkali-resistance. CM is weather-resistant, capable of breathing, extremely dirt- and water-repellent, non-yellowing and increases the resistance to the wear of the freeze-thaw-succession. CM does not get sticky during the drying-time and does not create a glossy effect or change the natural colour of the surface. COLORTEC MAX is a water-based product and therefore can be applied immediately after production of concrete tiles/slabs or panels, for example after the polishing/sand-blasting of cast-stone-surfaces, because CM is water-vapour-permeable and is not adhesive to most materials during the drying process.

Warning: CM is not suitable for sealed or non-absorbent surfaces. No application is recommended at temperatures below +5°C. Up to now, it has never been experienced, that the colour of the surface has been enhanced or brightened by COLORTEC MAX, although this can not be ruled out completely.

Fields of Application

For all absorbent natural and cast stone surfaces, e.g. polished concrete tiles, terrazzo, exposed aggregate concrete, grid/sand-blasted and smooth concrete surfaces, natural stone, brick, etc. CM can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Application Instructions


Depending on the absorbency of the surface from 200gr/M².


Code Pack
160100-0005 Colortec Max 5L
160100-0020 Colortec Max 20L
160100-0200 Colortec Max 200L


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)