Colortec Rapid

  • Can be applied to fresh concrete
  • Immediate protective agent for smooth concrete surfaces Invisible - solvent free - water-/dirt-repellent; Penetrating

Product Description

COLORTEC Rapid "CR" is a solvent-free and water-repellent, immediate-protective coating, which has been especially developed for the application onto concrete immediately after it has been removed (demoulded/stripped) from the mould. CR is an advanced new development, as up to now the application of protective coatings on concrete immediately after demoulding was only possible with products which create a shiny surface. CR is the first product which does not create a shiny-effect when used for this application and does not alter the naturalness in the colour-effects of the concrete surface. CR is therefore very quick, safe and easy to use and is especially suitable for architectural concrete and similar high-quality concrete. CR is breathable and is not a sealant. CR can, of course, also be applied on hardened concrete.

Fields of Application

Application immediately after removal (demoulding/stripping) from the mould as a water-repellent protection for smooth resp. structured concrete. CR should be applied onto panels made of ready-mixed concrete at the construction site or precast concrete, or glass fibre reinforced concrete, roofing tiles etc. For example, coloured precast concrete panels or other architectural concrete, sound barrier walls and similar concrete surfaces. CR protects against normal pollution/dirt, efflorescence, freezing damage, weathering, fading of the colour etc and is suitable for application inside and outside.

Advantages in Application:

  • Enables a new dimension in surface protection of concrete. With the application of CR it is possible to protect the surfaces immediately during the production process with a high-quality protective-coating, without having to keep to the long drying times for the concrete.
  • CR has been especially developed for the application on freshly demoulded concrete by the production of smooth fair-faced concrete walls made of precast-concrete elements or of insitu concrete).
  • Can be sprayed directly onto these freshly cast surfaces.
  • CR is invisible, therefore the application is very safe and easy, because if the product is not applied evenly, this does not directly lead to differences in the colour of the surface.
  • Extra costs due to additional work-sequences due to the keeping of concrete drying times can now be avoided completely, so that the application of this protective coating is technically possible even in precast concrete factories or construction sites with busy production deadlines.
  • CR protects effectively against primary and secondary efflorescence, normal pollution/dirt, weathering of the surface resp. fading of the colour by coloured concrete.
  • High uv-resistance, the good breatheability and therefore also the associated high durability, as well as the environmentally friendly, safe application.

Application Instructions


Code Pack
160130-0005 Colortec Rapid 5L
160130-0020 Colortec Rapid 20L


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)