Spare parts and accessories

  • For further spare part or customised sprayer applications, please call one of our offices to assist you further.

Chapin Spare Parts

Chapin 1949, 1979, 1999 Parts

264629 Industrial Viton Repair Kit
66094 D Handle for Chapin
266091 Chapin Hose - 48in Industrial


Chapin General Spare Parts

266062 Chapin Brass Shut-Off Handle
266093 Chapin Complete Plunger Assembly
267711 Brass Wand 450 mm Long
267703 Brass Wand 600 mm Long

Stanley Spare Parts

Stanley General Spare Parts

261945 Industrial Repair Kit for Stanley Sprayers
267804 Seal Kit for Stanley Sprayers
264645 Pressure Relief Valve for Stanley Sprayers

Fat Boy Wands & Guns

'Fat Boy' Wands & Guns

2RL16-300 Steel wand 300 mm
2RL16-500 Steel wand 500 mm
2RL16-700 Steel wand 700 mm
2RL16-1500 Steel wand 1500 mm
2RL16 Gun Body RL-16

Liquidhammer Spare Parts

Liquid Hammer 8 ltr Foamer Parts

268010 Plunger Assembly
268015 Plastic Tank
268016 Pressure Relief Valve
268020 Needle Valve & Hose Assembly
268025 1/2" Trigger Gun
268026 Nozzle and Tube Assembly