• Retarder for Trowel Face
  • Powder Based

Product Description

Suitable for freshly placed concrete wherever decorative, textured or non-skid surfaces are needed, for example on roadways, footpath, patios and pool decks. The concentrated retarder keeps mortar from sticking to the aggregate. It allows even removal of mortar from the slab surface

Product Advantages

  • Powder packaged in water soluble bags. Easily mixed with water in the field. Only 5-10 minutes of mixing are required, one bag provides one gallon (4 Lt.) of solution. Just prepare what you need. In its dry form, Exporock does not need to be protected from freezing
  • Contains a yellow-green dye for easy and even spraying, which will decompose in sunlight after drying, to avoid over-spraying or staining of forms, equipment or clothing
  • Non-toxic, no odours and biodegradable
  • Formulated with thickeners for easier spraying, less misting and less dripping
  • Economical


198419 Exporock 450g
198419-20 Exporock -20L


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)