CSE Multitop (Hebaunal Positex)

  • Concrete Surface Deactivator
  • Retarder For Trowel Face

Product Description

  • Works just like CSE pro but with a added sealer means it works on near face applications and paving, imagine having up to 3 days to wash out the exposed surface. With CSE Multitop it is now possible.
  • Use the same colour chart below to choose your level of surface of retarding.
  • CSE-multitop has an incorporated curing membrane and rain-protective layer.

Fields of Application

  • Near face of panels, hollow core
  • Paving, Driveways

Application Instructions


Exposure Depth Chart - CSE (Sold By Colour Code)

Type Colour code Aggregate Size
Exposure Depth
W/005 Blue 0-4 ca. 0.3
W/01 Blue 0-4/8 ca. 0.5
W/02 Brown 3-5 ca. 1.0
W/10 Green 3-5/8 ca. 1.5
W/25 Yellow 5-8 ca. 2.0
W/50 Pink 5-8/12 ca. 2.5
W/70 Grey 8-16 ca. 3.0
W/130 White 8-16/22 ca. 4.0
W/200 Orange 12-16/32 ca. 5.0
W/300 Violet 16-32 ca. 6.0
W/400 Violet 16-32/54 ca. 7.0


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)