Introducing Maturix

Maturix precast software provides in-depth insights into the curing process of each monitored precast element. You can set up a production facility in the software and follow all relevant parameters of the concrete curing process dedicated to the use in a precast factory. 

As mentioned previously, the Maturix Platform is a SaaS model where you pay a subscription fee per device transmitting data. You can choose to buy the transmitters outright OR rent them for a minimum 3 month period. You can activate your subscription and pause it at any time – but there are discounts for annual or multiyear subscriptions. The subscription allows you to conduct as many monitorings as you want per month, so theoretically 30 per month, but realistically, 20 is usual. 

The platform allows you to define your casing bed layout, generate panel/job identification and associate it with that casting location. Concrete mix designs are stored in the platform with their respective concrete strength maturity curves. These datasets are loaded to the platform based on traditional cylinder results. 

Concrete Maturity data is often provided by concrete companies for standard mixes.  The platform can then stream real time concrete strength data or send you alerts when you reach a designated target strength. Moreover, you can follow the readings in real-time on a dashboard, access the data from anywhere through the cloud and use the statistics for further optimisation of the cycles, heating and concrete mixes.

Orbit K transmitter

The Orbit K device is an approved device for this region of the world to communicate on the Sigfox network (Sigfox is like an AM radio data network with wide area coverage). Its batteries are not replaceable by end users BUT they can be replaced in the factory. The estimated lifespan is 18-24 months based on average usage.

The only marginal cost is the thermocouples. To further elaborate, your costs are completely dependent on the number of tests you conduct per month and how many thermocouples you buy at a time.

Gaia 200

To overcome this limitation, there is a new model that has been introduced in Europe that does have replaceable batteries – Called Gaia 200 (

The new Gaia 200 will be available in the Australian region later this year. Any Orbit K owners will have the opportunity to upgrade early if they want to or when the batteries need replacing.



Based on your location, there is a chance of low or single tower Sigfox coverage which then requires a gateway device (one off purchase) to then collect Sigfox data and stream it over an ethernet or 4G modem connection. A 4G data subscription would add about $15 per month to recurring costs, but you can use your own sim cards if you wanted to.

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