Z-Bar Cones

Conduits and Cones help provide an accurate clearance in formwork.

Formwork cones are fitted to the end of the conduit tube and they sit flush against the formwork. A formwork cone enables a neat recess to be created in order to patch the concrete after stripping the formwork. The cones fit snugly on the end of the conduit tube and are available in most common sizes to fit tie bars or Z bars.

Steel Formwork Cones are used for applications such as the construction of watertight concrete walls. The steel cones are supported at the inner side of the formwork and are fastened from the outside using a threaded bar and with either a combination plate or a flanged wing nut. 

Code Name For sleeve Inner Ø Cone Height Pack
412024.SK20 SK 20 20 mm 10 mm 500
412226.SK22 SK 22 22 mm 10 mm 500
412630.SK26 SK 26 26 mm 10 mm 500
412226.SK22S SK 22 SPECIAL 22 mm 10 mm 500
412226.SK22/50 SK 22/50 22 mm 50 mm 500
412024.M20 CONE M 20 20 mm 27 mm 500
412530.M25 CONE M 25 25 mm 27 mm 500
5ZBARCN.075 Steel Cone Nut 22 mm 75 mm 30
5ZBARCN.100 Steel Cone Nut 22 mm 100 mm 20