Double Hammer Bangers


  • Yellow plastic ring acts as an insert locator when forms are removed.
  • Plastic ring creates a countersunk recess to keep internal threads clean from concrete residue.
  • Nails snap off with the swipe of a hammer after the forms are removed.

How It's Used

Hammer and insert

Pour Concrete & Strip Formwork

Hammer off nails

Use insert for threaded rod


Code Name Thread Pack (pc)
5BB10 Double Hammer Banger M10 M10 20
5BB12 Double Hammer Banger M12 M12 20

Load Rating

Threaded Rod Dia (mm) Embed Depth (mm) Min Edge Distance (mm) Min Spacing (mm) Ult Pullout For 20MPA Conc (kN) Safe WL Limit State (kN) Safe WL (kN)
10 45 180 200 30 17.6 12
12 55 190 210 30 17.6 12