• Light Weight
  • Weatherproof
  • Environment Friendly

What is Formatube used for?

Formatube™ is a cardboard tube specifically designed to be used by builders to pour concrete columns above or below ground or can be used in ground to prevent soil collapsing when digging.'

The outer surface of the Formatube™ is impregnated with a plastic coating for water resistance. The inside is coated with an oil lining to prevent the concrete from sticking to the tube and enables quick release thereby leaving a smooth and straight-lined concrete column. The table below shows the various Formatube sizes that Actech can offer. 

How to use Formatube?

Formatube™ is a cost-effective method and easy to use product which is designed to stand upright requiring minimal bracing when used as concrete formwork for inground or above ground columns. Concrete is poured into the cardboard tube and allowed to set. Once the concrete has cured the cardboard is then stripped away to reveal a very well-finished column.

Plastitube is a plastic liner insert fitted inside the cardboard Formatube to remove spiral marks on concrete and give a class 1 finish leaving a smooth surface on the concrete column which can be directly painted.

What are the advantages of Formatube?

  • Suitable for round column construction

  • Very easy to handle and fast to use

  • Low cost

  • Water resistant plastic outer covering

  • Oil lined inner for easy stripping

  • Optional plastic insert

  • Biodegradable

Code Description & Dia (mm) Length (m)
41F0150 Formatube 150 4
41F0200 Formatube 200 4
41F0250 Formatube 250 4
41F0250-3 Formatube 250 3
41F0300 Formatube 300 4
41F0300-3 Formatube 300 3
41F0350 Formatube 350 4
41F0350-3 Formatube 350 3
41F0400 Formatube 400 4
41F0400-3 Formatube 400 3
41F0450 Formatube 450 4
41F0500 Formatube 500 4
41F0600 Formatube 600 4
41F0650 Formatube 650 4
41F0700 Formatube 700 4
41F0750 Formatube 750 4
41F0800 Formatube 800 4
41F0900 Formatube 900 4
41F1200 Formatube 1200 4

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