MAX Rebar Tying Machine

  • Original Machine - Made in Japan
Model RB397 RB517 (CE)
Weight 2.4 kgs 2.4 kg
Dimensions 305 (H) x 105 (W) x 290mm (L) 305 (H) x 105 (W) x 305mm (L)
Wraps Per Tie 3 wraps/tie 3 or 4 wraps/tie
Battery Li-ion 14.4V (JPL914) Li-ion 14.4V (JPL914)
Ties Per Coil Approx. 120 ties / coil Approx. 90 ties (3 wraps),
Approx. 75 ties (4 wraps)
Ties Per Charge Approx. 16 coils (Approx. 2000 ties/ charge) Approx. 1,800 ties (3 wraps) /charge,
Approx. 1,700 ties (4 wraps) /charge
Rebar Size 10mm x 10mm to 16mm x 20mm 16mm x 16mm to 22mm x 25mm
Tie Wire (16Ga) TW897A (Regular Steel wire),
TW897A-PC (Polyester-Coated wire),
TA897A-EG (Electro Galvanized wire)
TW897A (Regular Steel wire),
TW897A-PC (Polyester-Coated wire)
Standard Equipment Battery pack JPL914 (2pcs.), AC Battery charger JC928(CE), Plastic carry case / Belt hook & Instruction video and instruction manual DVD
Machine Code 77RB397 77RB517
Wire to Suit Code 81.GR.897 81.GR.1525