• Fibre Reinforced Polymer Z-Bar
  • Works with your existing Z-Bar Fittings.
  • No cones or conduit.

The TIELOCK FRP rebar was specially developed for formwork application. Its high corrosion resistance, high strength, cuttability and other features offer lots of benefits for all formwork applications.

TIELOCK FRP rebars are compatible with standard steel bars and can be applied with all related standard accessories. After use, FRP form work ties remain in concrete as one-way rebars. Costs for re-assembling, transport and storage are saved. Special parts like cone, conduit and waterstops are not necessary. Its corrosion resistance avoids rusty bleeding on concrete surfaces.


  • High corrosion resistance
  • Permanent application
  • Cuttability
  • Continuous threaded bar
  • High tensile strength
  • High end loading
  • Fully compatible with standard Z-Bar fittings
Outer diameter (mm) 16 20 25
Ultimate load (kN) 130* 200 350
Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 1000 1000 1000
Torsion resistance (Nm) 50 100 120
Shear resistance (N/mm²) 460 460 460
E-Modulus (GPa) 50 50 50
Strain at failure (%) 2,5 2,5 2,5
Weight (g/m) 360 550 900
Breaking Load Thread (kN) 50 - -
Code 5FPH60-16 5FPH60-20 5FPH60-25


* Please download updated TDS for more information

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