Bar Guard Range

Product Description

Bar Guards are placed on exposed ends of reinforcement bars to provide protection for construction workers. Bar Guards are typically in bright yellow or orange colours. Thus, making them highly visible on construction sites. In addition, the rugged flanges inside the Bar Guard prevent them from blowing off posts.

Of the majority of building projects in Australia, it’s a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) requirement to cap any metal endings on any rebar or protruding rod to provide both impalement protection and scratch resistance to the workers on site.

What are Bar Guards made of?

At Actech, we recognise the importance of workplace safety and ensure that our Bar Guards are made from the best materials. A flexible UV resistant plastic is used in the manufacturing of bar guards which makes them last longer and also allows for reuse on short term projects.

What sizes do Bar Guards come in?

Actech supplies a range of Bar Guards of different shapes and sizes, as seen in the pictures.