Formwork Nails Range

Product Description

Formwork Bullet Head Nails and Duplex Nails are extremely popular and widely used in Australia.

What are Bullet Head Nails?

Bullet head nails are an ideal all-purpose nail for trades, with a point and plain shank. The bullet-shaped head facilitates the nails to be nailed down to the surface with extreme ease. They are suitable for framing, plank fixing, cabinetwork, and formwork construction.

While being used, the bullet head nails must be nailed down straight ad flush into the wood. This ensures that the timber does not get damaged.

What are Duplex Nails?

Duplex nails are double-headed nails used in formwork. The nail is first nailed down to the depth of the first head, thereby leaving the second head exposed. This facilitates quick and easy removal of the nail when the formwork is stripped.