Grout Tube Range

Product Description

Grout tubes, also known as spiral ducts, are commonly utilised in the concrete and construction industries. Grout tubes are commonly cast in panels to locate insitu starter bars or dowels that join concrete parts together in particular precast applications such as casting bridge beams and other commercial concrete segments.

A void in a concrete piece is created using Metal Spiral Grout Tube. Prior to the pouring of concrete, it is placed in formwork and must be fastened in the appropriate location. Because it is comprised of metal, it has exceptional adhesive characteristics to the hardened concrete.

Spiral Grout Tubes come in various lengths and diameters. 2.5 and 5.8 are the standard lengths that Actech provides. However, custom lengths are available on request.

Metal Spiral Grout Tube can be stored outdoors but should be preferably kept dry. Any surface deterioration/rusting should be removed or treated with appropriate rust remover/preventative treatments.