Hydromix Range

Product Description

HYDROMIX-Fluid 50 is a concrete admixture with special active ingredients for the production of water-repellent concrete surfaces. In addition, it reduces, and completely stops primary and secondary efflorescence. HYDROMIX-Fluid 50 has been specially developed for the application in coloured concrete products, without regard to the surface-texture, but can also be used for any other cementitious materials, for example plaster or mortar.

How It Works

HYDROMIX-Fluid 50 covers the surface of the solid particles of the concrete. This leads to a change in the adhesion capacity between the water and these solid particles and therefore prevents the absorption of capillary moisture. It does not affect hydration of the cement and therefore also the setting process of the concrete, as HYDROMIX-Fluid 50 only becomes active after the initial setting process has been completed

The cement particles cover the surface of the aggregates and the sand and bind them together. It covers these cement micro-particles (size of the individual cement particles between 20 – 40 µ) and so covers the complete cross-section or matrix of the concrete.

HYDROMIX-Fluid 50 can protect concrete products against penetration of water, as the space between two HYDROMIX-Fluid 50-covered cement particles is so minimal (between 1 – 2 µ), that the surface tension of the water does not allow it to penetrate.