Icaro Combi Machine Range

Icaro’s combined machines represent the ideal balance between quality and practicality.  This machine is the best solution for small-size construction sites, mainly because it combines two functions into one product. The end users will now be able to use it for both cutting as well as bending threaded bars of different sizes.

The bi-directional working bench makes this machine extremely easy to handle. The robust reduction gearbox encloses a grease bath where gears and pins made of heat-treated steel are located. The machine is also fitted with superior quality, interchangeable steel blades. Finally, ICARO combined machines are available with high or low saddles, depending on the working needs and they all come with a wide range of pins and bushes. 

Technical Features and Cutting & Bending Capacity Table

Cutting Capacity – Grade 500 Bending Capacity – Grade 500
Dimensions (cm)
1 Bar Ø (mm) 2 Bars Ø (mm) 3 Bars Ø (mm) 1 Bar Ø (mm) 2 Bars Ø (mm) 3 Bars Ø (mm)
CP 26/32 9 2.2/3 2.64/3.5 26 18 10 30 24 18 5 95x75x90
CP 30/35 9 3/4 4.8/6.5 30 20 12 34 26 20 5 85x110x85
CP 38/45 6 4/5.5 4.8/6.5 38 26 22 42 30 24 8 104x116x89
CP 50/54 3 5.5/7.5 6.6/9 50 30 20 54 38 30 13 100x130x10

Key Points

ICARO combined machines are made abiding by European CE standard and worldwide regulations.
All machines have passed very stringent quality checks that abide by ISO9001/2008 norms.

All ICARO tests were carried out using steel bars coming from all over the world. The steel bars we used all followed these standards:DIN 488, BS 4449/2005, BS4449/97, ASTM/A706/ A706M-00, ASTM/A615M-2000, UNE 36068, LNEC E450, NEN6008 (NL), NF A 35080-1, SD490 with different GRADE and toughness.

The heat treating process used on all equipment is the result of numerous years of studying and experience in our field; the variety of bars used to test the components of ICARO machines represents all the possible degrees of hardness available on the market.

All components have proven great endurance. All pins are made of 18NiCR steel and have been through a carbonitriding and tempering process. All bushes and square pins are made of carbonitrided steel, while checking block are made of steel.