MGP Timber Range

Product Description

MGP stands for machine graded pine, and is a system used for particular pines, especially radiata, slash and Caribbean. Instead of being based on the bending strength of the piece, MGP is a measure of its modulus of elasticity (MOE), which takes into account other properties, such as stiffness, compressive strength and shear strength.

The higher the MOE of a piece, the stiffer it is. When this is measured by an MGP machine stress grader, the board is given a grade which is simply an abbreviation of the MOE category that it falls into.

That is:

MGP 10 has an MOE of 10,000 megapascals (MPa)
MGP 12 has an MOE of 12,700 Mpa
MGP 15 has an MOE of 15,200 Mpa

Each piece is manufactured to comply with Australian standards (AS/NZS 1748). The Available structural grade at Actech is MGP10.

  • Sourced from leading manufacturers in Australia and globally
  • Kiln-dried
  • Environmentally sustainable