Spatter Cote Range

Product Description

Spatter-Cote 100 is a solvent-based liquid that can be applied to equipment surfaces exposed to concrete spatter. After use, simply clean the equipment by hosing it off. Regular use keeps equipment clean and free from build-up.

  • Easily rinses off with water
  • Applies in hot or cold weather
  • Applies by spray, brush, or mop
  • Does not promote corrosion
  • Fields of Application
  • Ready-mix trucks / Concrete pumps
  • Highway concrete paving equipment
  • The backside of forms
  • Concrete tools and accessories / Screeds
  • Hard surface finishings during construction (windows, stairwells, etc.)
  • Dry mix concrete mixers/Portable batch plants

Preparatory Work

Equipment surfaces should be dry and free of loose dirt and dust. (Spatter-Cote 100 may be applied to surfaces with concrete build-up.)

Regular Maintenance Program

To keep the equipment clean apply Spatter-Cote 100 daily. Typically it is applied soon after hosing off the equipment.


Apply Spatter-Cote 100 by spray, brush, or roller to the equipment surface before being exposed to concrete spatter. Spatter-Cote 100 may be applied hours or up to 7 days before placing the equipment into service.

To clean, hose the equipment surface protected by Spatter-Cote 100 with water. This will remove the concrete spatter, dirt and grease. Once the equipment dries, re-coat with Spatter-Cote 100.

Dilution with fuel oils, diesel fuel or water will reduce the product’s effectiveness. Please note that after heavy rain re-application is required.