Surface Cure W30 Range

Product Description

Surface Cure W30 is a low viscosity wax emulsion curing compound that consists of a processed blend of paraffin waxes.

When applied at the recommended application rate Surface Cure W-30 minimizes moisture loss in freshly laid concrete thus improving the curing of the concrete providing increased strength and durability and improved resistance to surface dusting.

Surface Cure W30 has fast film-forming properties which react with the cementitious surface forming an impervious vapor and liquid membrane.


Surface Cure W-30 provides a spray-on membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing.

Used for concreting generally but especially useful for large areas of concrete construction such as runways, motorways or bridgeworks.


  • Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by eliminating moisture loss from exposed surfaces
  • Increases concrete strength and dusting resistance
  • Eliminates the need for damp hessian, sand, or polythene
  • Rapid film formation
  • Enables concrete to hydrate more efficiently
  • Non-flammable; non-toxic
  • Low VOC’s
  • Meets Green Star Rating
  • Economical