WildCat Roller Screed Range

Product Description


Actech offers more choices in roller screeds than other companies, with two styles powered by Honda engines.

Wildcat roller screed is the first self-contained, lightweight, and most maneuverable roller screed on the market. Our Handle Weight Kit provides a balance to evenly compact the previous and regular concrete. The screed passes are reduced to make the screeding process even faster.

Roller Tubes

Actech offers roller tubes made from aluminum or steel which is great for concrete. The roller tubes are 6.5 meters in length which can be cut short to the desired length if required.

The End Plugs fit at the end of roller tunes and attached to the roller screed unit. Our ends are not welded in the tubes. They are easy to install by turning one nut on the end plug. Our End Plugs can be taken in and out and moved from one length tube to another.

Product Features

  • 2 Double Sealed Roller Bearings
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Handles can swivel for ease of use and fold up for storage
  • Removable ends plugs
  • Kickstand for both handles

Product FAQ’s

Why use a roller screed instead of a vibratory screed?

Wildcat Roller Screeds are the easiest way to get concrete to grade if you can place concrete form to form.  Greatly increase production in jobs such as sidewalks, golf cart paths, and walking trails.  Pervious Concrete requires a roller screed for placement and compaction.

Why use a counterweight?

Actech is the only roller screed company to offer this option.  The counterweight allows you to have weight on both sides of the form.  This will help concrete to grade much faster.