High Speed Pneumatic Vibrators

Suitable for all concrete mixes on civil engineering sites and in precast factories. A single moving part improves the possibilities for seamless operation. No periodic maintenance required. The integrated noise reducer makes these vibrators very quiet. Available with quick-release brackets.

  EP121B EP271B EP371B EP601B
Speed (rpm) 9000 9350 rpm  9350 rpm 8800 rpm
Max. centrifugal force (N) 8100 10350 N 26800 N 31500N
Air consumption (l/min) 1200 1200 l/min 1400 l/min 1400 l/min
Weight (kg) 9.5 10 kg 16.5 kg 18 kg
Bracket attachment VT2 VT2 VT4 VT4
Noise level (dB(A) ) 90 90.8 dB(A) 95 dB(A) 100dB(A) 
Code 76AC.EP121B 76AC.EP271B 76AC.EP317B 76AC.EP601B