Maturix Orbit K

  • Intelligent Real-time Concrete Monitoring System
  • Better Scheduling
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Automatic Documentation

Product Description

Maturix Orbit K is a wireless transmitter for temperature measurements using Type K Thermocouples.

The data is sent wirelessly to the cloud using antennas or gateways. The temperature data, concrete maturity and the strength of the in-place concrete are automatically calculated. based on Concrete Maturity. The Orbit K combines modern wireless technology with an industry-standard probe for the lowest cost-per-monitoring for real-time concrete monitoring.

Measurement Range: - 200 to 1260°C (external)

Operating Temperature: - 30 to 50°C

Advantages in Application:

Follow the Concrete Curing Process in Real-Time From Anywhere.

  • Concrete Monitoring Made Simple - Monitor the concrete curing process continuously and take data-based decisions for improved scheduling by reducing redundant curing times.
  • Optimise Formwork Removal Time - Make data-based decisions and improve work schedule on-site. Cut down redundant waiting time while ensuring great product quality.
  • Automatic Documentation - All data is automatically saved as reports online to be shared, exported or downloaded for easy digital documentation and quality assurance.
  • 24/7 Insights Into Concrete Curing - Provides real-time insights into the concrete curing process. Adjust the project based on the curing data and cut down redundant curing time.
  • Reduce On-Site Visits - The solution works wirelessly and there is no need to be close to the sensor for data collection. Access the data from anywhere through the web browser.
  • Low Cost per Monitoring - Combining an economical type K thermocouple probe with a reusable transmitter makes Maturix the most cost-efficient solution for real-time monitoring.


  • Orbit K
    • Wireless transmitter with type K connector
    • Long-range wireless communication
    • Weather-resistant and rugged design
    • Low power consumption for extensive usage
    • Multiple mounting slots for easy installation
    • Built-in high capacity lithium batteries
  • Temperature Probe
    • Industry-standard temperature sensor
    • Multiple lengths available
    • High resistance and durability
    • Ideal for concrete monitoring
    • Flexible positioning
    • Low cost per monitoring

How it Works?

Start Monitoring In 4 Simple Steps:

  • Install Thermocouple - Secure the thermocouple with cable ties at the desired position where you want to follow the curing process.
  • Connect Orbit K - Plug the thermocouple into the wireless transmitter to start the continuous data transmission.
  • Cast Concrete - Cast the concrete and start the monitoring in the software to follow the curing process in real-time.
  • Get Results - Access the data in the web portal from anywhere and stay updated with customisable alarms.

Fields of Application

When To Monitor Temperature & Strength in Concrete?

  • High Rise Building
  • Bridge Construction
  • Post-Tensioning Project
  • Mass Concreting Project 
  • Precast Production


What is the Orbit K?

The Orbit K is an electronic device that records temperature and wirelessly sends it to the cloud. The temperature is measured using type K thermocouples. It can be used for concrete temperature monitoring as well as strength and maturity monitoring. 

How is the data transferred to the cloud?

The data is sent using Sigfox. Sigfox is a wireless network designed to connect smart devices to the cloud. It benefits from a longer range than Bluetooth and WiFi, and you can set up a Sigfox Gateway at your job site to create coverage – even at remote locations.

Do I need to be at the job site to access the data?

No – and that is the smart thing! You can access the temperature readings from your computer or smartphone at any time, anywhere. Once you have installed the equipment, you can follow the temperature and strength development online in real-time.

How is the installation done?

Installation is quick and simple. Secure the thermocouple to the rebar, connect it to the Orbit K, and place the transmitter at a secure location. When a thermocouple is connected, the Orbit K transmits data every 10 minutes automatically.

What is embedded into the concrete?

It is only the inexpensive thermocouple that is embedded into the concrete. The Orbit K is mounted next to the cast and can be reused for multiple monitorings. This not only gives great flexibility but also keeps the costs per monitoring down. 

How many sensors do I need?

This depends on the project. The Orbit K is a single-channel transmitter, which means that you can connect one thermocouple per device. Consider the number of monitoring positions you will need to measure (at the same time) and you know how many devices you will need.

What is the battery lifetime?

The battery lifetime depends on the usage and the conditions. When the thermocouple is inserted 24/7, the battery life is up to 8 months. We guarantee 20.000 measurements or 8 months of operation (whichever comes first).


Maturix Orbit K - Technical Data Sheet (TDS)