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21 July 2020

TIELOCK FRP for Storm Water Retention Tank

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Project: Alex Ave Public School 

Contractor: Quay Civil

Project Supervisor: Matthew Strickland  

Products: Tielock FRP Zbar and Zbar fittings

A typical usage of Z bar is to act as a restraint in wall forms to stop them blowing out. Tielock is a Zbar made from FRP - Fibre Reinforced Polymer - that has equivalent physical and mechanical properties to metal Zbar but does not have any corrosion characteristics.

Tielock FRP is used predominantly in applications where waterproofing or corrosion is an issue or where access to go back and patch conduit is an issue because such as at height.

Quay Civil is constructing an underground stormwater retention tank at the new Alex Ave Public School at Schofields and used Tielock FRP bars as a screed rail support as revealed in the resultant picture above. 

Matt Strickland from Quay civil explained:

“We have been using this product for a couple of years now as when we do tanks, we cannot have any rust whatsoever and use TIELOCK FRP to set up internal forms and set downs, etc.  Once we strip, we cut flush or drill the bar out 10 to 20mm deep and patch.  We have used this method for sewerage tanks or tanks that have chlorine and never had a problem.  It is very easy as we can use the same Z Bar fittings, we have on-site to set screed rails up that is higher than a bar chair can go.”

TIELOCK FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Zbar was specially developed for formwork applications. Its high corrosion resistance, high strength, cuttability and other features offer lots of benefits for all formwork applications.

TIELOCK FRP rebars have the same thread as Z bars and can be applied with all related standard accessories. After use, FRP formwork ties can remain in concrete as one-way rebars. Special parts like cones, conduit and water stops are not necessary. Being a Fibre Reinforced Polymer It has inherent corrosion resistance and avoids rusty bleeding on concrete surfaces.

Click here for TIELOCK FRP Zbar product info.