Cast-In Plates

Why use the Actech Cast-In Plate System?

Actech Cast-In Plates save time and money in panel manufacture, but most importantly in erection and completion of the building structure.

Actech Cast in Plates are easy to install because each come with 4 legs at the rear of the plate. Each leg works with a Distafix plastic spacer to accurately position the plate both flat and level at the desired height. If the Cast-in Plate is recessed, standard formers are available for external and internal plate locations. An edge recess plate is also available for casting plates into the edge of panels.

Panels that use Cast in Plates connect together faster and save crane time on the day of the lift. There is no need to plumb each panel separately, rather once the first panel is plumb, a joining plate can be temporarily bolted between adjacent panels to plumb the panel into position. These joining plates can then be used as a finished joiner plate for the panels. Joiner Plates are available as flat or corner joiners in both round holes and slotted holes. And because Actech Cast-in Plates can be installed accurately, your welding crew will get the job done faster and safer!

All Actech cast in plates can be provided with different stabilising legs and Distafix plastic feet to provide you with a cast in plate that suits your panel thickness. Our most popular Distafix size is 30 mm for 150 mm thick panels having a 30 mm recess. However Actech Cast-In Plates can be provided for 170, 175, 180, and 200 mm panels by changing legs on the plates and/or using Distafix in combination.

A full design guide is available for detailing the use of Actech Cast-in Plates is available at in the Download section, or by calling 1300 ACTECH and we can send one out to you.