Epirez 633: Non-Sag Epoxy Mortar Binder

{tab=Product Description}

It Epirez 633 combines the outstanding properties of Epirez 133 with a non-sag consistency. Epirez 633 is suitable for application to overhead, vertical or inclined surfaces which can be applied to damp/wet surfaces. Meets AS4020 (Int) - 1994 for contact with potable water.

{tab=Features and Benefits}

  • High mechanical strength / Non-shrink
  • Non-sag consistency
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to wet/dry concrete
  • Approved for use in contact with potable water

{tab=Areas of Application}

  • Bonding new to old concrete on vertical surfaces
  • Preparation of thixotropic epoxy mortars for vertical & overhead concrete repairs
  • Grouting bolts and anchors in vertical surfaces
  • Underwater/splash zone repairs
  • Bonding precast concrete units
  • Bonding steel and timber to concrete