Kling-On Switch II+ Magnet

  • Totally sealed Stainless
  • Case Lower Maintenance - Higher Capacity
  • No lever required

Product Description

Patent is protected by AU 2002244573 & pending in other countries

A magnetic formwork attachment device which is designed to provide quick and easy placement and release of formwork used to manufacture precast concrete products.

KLING-ON MINI SWITCH II+ is suitable for 100 & 125 mm formwork

KLING-ON SWITCH II+ is suitable for larger sizes of formwork

Kling on magnets have strong stainless steel cases not inferior plastic or powder coated metal frames. We have designed this magnet to last! The patented mechanism allows you to activate the magnet after safety placing it on the table and also allow you to deactivate the magnet even while the concrete is still green.

Kling-On magnets can be used with competitor's formwork using adaptor plates.

Adaptor Plates

Adaptor Plate 32

Adaptor Plate 75

The Combo Attachment

Plate for 250 mm Formwork

Non Actech Fromwork Plate

Conventional Use

Combo Attachment

  • Combo attachment suits all channel and angle iron formwork
  • Vertical Threshold 3mm to 45 mm



6SWITCHII+ Kling-On Switch II+ Magnet
6SWITCH-MINI Kling-On Mini Switch II Magnet

Adaptor Plates

6AL8.32.170 Adaptor Plate 32 - 170 mm Long
6AL8.32.250 Adaptor Plate 32 - 250 mm Long
6AL8.75.170 Adaptor Plate 75 - 170 mm Long
6AL8.75.300 Adaptor Plate 75 - 300 mm Long
6SWITCHII.COM Combo Attachment for Switch II+
6AL.250 Plate for 250 mm formwork
6AL.ADAP Non Actech Fromwork Plate