Precast Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive systems for the precast concrete industry

Actech is proud to introduce TECBOND Glue guns and Tecbond® adhesives which provide the perfect answer for temporary fixing of structural and architectural elements, such as foam, wood, plastic and cast in plates onto the steel precast bed.

It is a faster, easier and more cost effective than any other fixing systems available to the industry such as magnets, welding, drill and bolt and double sided tape.

It is also suitable for bonding detail strips and other architectural elements in tilt up concrete forms. It eliminates the need to drill holes in the concrete floor for mechanical fasteners, eliminates clamps and provides a very fast one step process.

The key to the success of this system is the glue which provides a 3-5 minute wet time allowing you time to locate your cast in materials or forms into position. The next day when you lift your panel off the steel/concrete bed, the glue easily delaminates from the steel casting surface or the cast in materials – with no residue or mess to clean up.

There are 3 different gun options in the range that all work with the same glue – manual caulking, electro-pneumatic caulking and electro-pneumatic spraying.

The adhesive does not require primer, sets almost instantly and has excellent release from forms. Tecbond® adhesive can applied in blobs, beads, or a spray pattern.

Applications include

  • Polystyrene
  • Nail/Glue Plates
  • Pipe Locators
  • Castin Plates
  • Timber Rebates and more…

Spray Options

Caulking Options

Example 1: Forms & Fillets

Spray our high quality adhesive onto the form.

Position in place

Concrete flooring is sectioned into place.

Concrete moulds are made and ready to be laid.

Example 2: Custom Patterns