HK Composite Panel Ties

  • Full Specifications & Approval Certificates Available
  • Design Manual Available

Why do customers love HK Ties ?

It's simple – you can use your own choice of foam supplier and the foam doesn't need to be predrilled. The unique design of the HK Ties enables it to pierce the foam as required.

  • HK Ties can be easily used in precast or tilt-up panels. The outside facade layer is poured first and while fresh, the foam layer is placed over this layer and ties are inserted through the foam into the facade layer.
  • After the facade is cured, the structural panel is build as per the structural requirement.
  • A most common configuration is 150 mm structural panel, 50 mm foam, & 50 mm facade.
Tensile Strength 5330 MPa
Pullout Strength 4890 MPa
Shear Strength 4045 MPa
Panel Shear Capacity 2220 MPa/tie
Alkaline Resistance Excellent
Impact Resistance Excellent
Thermal Conductivity 0.35 W/mºK
Diameter Through Foam 12.5 mm