The ArmourMate® joint armouring system is the most advanced joint armouring system available on the market today. A range of models have been developed to provide a superior solution for all types of concrete joint armouring applications. By selecting a Danley® joint armouring system you can be assured of long-lasting, quality armoured joints. ArmourMate® joint armouring systems are used in commercial and industrial applications where the concrete slab edges are exposed to traffic such as trolley jacks, forklifts and trucks. Without protection, these joints will break down resulting in cracks, holes, damaged vehicles and tyres. ArmourMate® protects the joints and extends the operational life of the slab.

ArmourMate® Applications

  • Interior slab construction joints
  • Doorways Interior slab contraction joints
  • Loading docks
  • Exterior pavement construction joints Slab extensions
  • Exterior pavement expansion joints Joint repair and replacement
  • Exterior pavement contraction joints

ArmourMate Types

  • Gamma ArmourMate
  • Plate ArmourMate
  • Hyper ArmourMate
  • Econo ArmourMate
  • Beta ArmourMate