Danley Diamond Dowel

Danley® Diamond® Dowels offer the most efficient dowel system available and are well suited for construction joints.

  • 6 mm orange and 10 mm blue in black, galvanised and stainless steel
  • Sleeves moulded from durable, non-compressible PVC
  • Allow two directional movement in the horizontal plane
  • Each sleeve is fitted with an internal spacer to prevent collapse caused by pressure of concrete – the spacer is easily displaced into the apex of the sleeve when inserting the Diamond® plate
Code Plate (mm) Size
Finish Pack
47D.DD.06110B 6 110 x 110 Black 25
47D.DD.06110G 6 110 x 110 Gal 25
47D.DD.10110B 10 110 x 110 Black 25
47D.DD.10110G 10 110 x 110 Gal 25