Bottom Deck Spacer

What is a Bottom Deck Spacer?

Actech Bottom Deck Spacer have been designed specifically to support both large reinforcement bars as well as mesh in suspended decks, beams, precast panels and tilt-up applications.

Key Specs of Actech's Bottom Deck Spacer: 

Bottom Deck Spacers are a viable alternative to the concrete spacer and wire chairs since they are lightweight, strong and stable. Moreover, each Bottom Deck Spacer offers a combination of two cover heights. Bottom Deck Spacers are available in 15/20 mm, 25/30 mm, 35/40 mm, 45/50 mm covers.

Bottom Deck Spacer is designed with five dimples that offer minimal exposure. Furthermore, the dimples allow for the tie wire to be placed under the spacer to help with the fixing of the reinforcement. Furthermore, the Bottom Deck Spacer complies with the AS:NZS 2425:2015 with a standard rating of 120 kg.

M Range

Code Name 'A' 'B' Pack
32BDS1520 BPDS 15/20 15 mm 20 mm 100 pc
32BDS2530 BPDS 25/30 25 mm 30 mm 100 pc
32BDS3540 BPDS 35/40 35 mm 40 mm 100 pc
32BDS4550 BPDS 45/50 45 mm 50 mm 100 pc

A Range

Code Name 'A' 'B' Pack
32BDS2025A BDS 20/25 20 mm 25 mm 100 pc
32BDS2530A BDS 25/30 25 mm 30 mm 100 pc
32BDS3040A BDS 30/40 30 mm 40 mm 100 pc
32BDS3545A BDS 35/45 35 mm 45 mm 100 pc
32BDS4050A BDS 40/50 40 mm 50 mm 100 pc

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