Tilt Panel Chair For Central Mesh Panels

  • This chair will take the same capacity as a wire chair and has the advantage of being clip-on.

What are Panel Chairs?

Panel Chairs are ideal to support single-layered reinforcement mesh in tilt-up/precast panels as well as in some suspended deck applications. In addition, these Panel Chairs are also commonly used to support reinforcement bars.

Key Specs of Actech's Panel Chairs:

The main design feature of CONAC’s Panel Chair is that a single bar chair can offer a combination of two covers. Combination Panel Chairs are available in 30/40mm, 50/60mm, 65/75mm and 90/100mm covers. Consequently, many precast manufacturers prefer these panel chairs since they are cost-effective and they are ideal to ensure that the correct concrete coverage is achieved while the concrete is being poured.

Another key design feature of the Combination Panel Chair is that dimples are located at the base of each leg. Thereby, they offer minimal exposure and consequently making them ideal for precast manufacturers.

In addition, Combination Panel Chairs are grey in colour. Thereby, it matches the colour of the concrete. Combination Panel Chairs easily clip on to the bars due to the easy clip mechanism thus making them extremely user-friendly.

The Panel Chairs can take reinforcement bars in the range of 8mm to 20mm diameter. More importantly, all CONAC Combination Panel Chairs comply with the AS:NZS 2425:2015 standard with a rating of 60 kg. This chair will take the same capacity as a wire chair and has the advantage of being clip-on.

Code Name Cover
32PANEL.3040 Panel Chair 30/40 30/40 100
32PANEL.5060 Panel Chair 50/60 50/60 100
32PANEL.6575 Panel Chair 65/75 65/75 100
32PANEL.90100 Panel Chair 90/100 90/100 100

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