HD Circular Plastic and Carbon Fibre

What are HD Circular Spacers?

Heavy-Duty Pile Cage Wheels are a perfect alternative to Lightweight Fast Wheels or Circular Spacers. The Heavy-Duty Pile Cage Wheels can be attached as the Pile Cage is lowered into the ground.

The CFRP version of the Heavy-Duty Pile Cage Spacer (65mm to 100mm) is now registered as an approved product for Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads specification for MRTS63 and MRTS70.

Key Applications of HD Circular Spacer:

• Provides Concrete Cover from 25mm to 100mm

• Manufactured from Recycled Materials

• Simple Push Fit installation

• AS/NZS 2425:2015 compliant

• Manufactured in Australia under AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 guidelines

• Built-in Security Clip (all sizes except 25 and 35mm Wheels)

• Suits Bar Sizes 10-19mm • Carbon Fibre Reinforced CFRP option to meet MRTS63 and MRTS70 (Qld TMR) requirements

• Optional Security Wheel clip for 25mm and 35mm Wheels

• Option CH (Close Helix) version for Earthquake rated Pile Cages

Plastic Wheel Carbon Fiber Wheel
Code Pack (pc) Code Pack (pc)
25 - - 33SS025 250
35 - - 33SS035 200
40 34CO40HD 100 33SS040 150
50 34CO50HD 60 33SS050 60
65 - - 33SS065 40
75 34CO75HD 58 33SS075 58
80 34CO80HD 50 33SS080 58
85 34C085HD 50 33SS085 58
100 34C100HD 39 33SS0100 50

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