Semifix Super

  • JOINABLE Continuous Heavy Duty Spacers
  • Continuous Bar Chairs are the choice for heavy load reinforcement elements on large scale applications, such as Super T-Beams and Bridge girders. The quality cover guaranteed by the spacer is matched by the labor-saving & peace of mind obtained by using it.

What are Semifix Super Plastic Deck Rails?

Semifix Super Plastic Deck Rail a continuous spacer for formwork applications. In addition to providing minimal exposure, these plastic deck rails are stable and are highly capable of spreading the load as compared to individual spacers. 

In addition to the sets of vertical legs at 75mm centers, centrally positioned support legs to provide the deck rail with the stability and strength required on construction sites. 

Another key design feature is that the male and female connections at either end of the plastic deck rail allow the user to connect multiple deck rails to any given length. 

What are the areas of applications for Semifix Super Plastic Deck Rails?

  • Suspended decks
  • Precast or Tilt-up panels
  • In situ and precast beams
  • Slabs on blinding concrete

What are the key features of Semifix Super Plastic Deck Rails?

  • Strong, sturdy & stable design.
  • Male & Female connection for fast assembly on-site.
  • Available in 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, and 75mm.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 2425:2015.
Code Name Cover Length Pack
3SSUPER.25 SEMIFIX SUPER 25 25 mm 350 mm 100 pc
3SSUPER.30 SEMIFIX SUPER 30 30 mm 350 mm 100 pc
3SSUPER.35 SEMIFIX SUPER 35 35 mm 350 mm 100 pc
3SSUPER.40 SEMIFIX SUPER 40 40 mm 350 mm 100 pc
3SSUPER.50 SEMIFIX SUPER 50 50 mm 350 mm 100 pc
3SSUPER.60 SEMIFIX SUPER 60 60 mm 350 mm 100 pc
3SSUPER.75 SEMIFIX SUPER 75 75 mm 350 mm 100 pc

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