• Mesh Slab on Ground Chair

What is a Slab on Ground Plastic Spacer?

Actech SOG (Slab-On-Ground) Bar Chairs are used to set the reinforcing bar and mesh to the correct position before pouring the concrete in deep slab residential, commercial and civil applications including roadways.

The Slab on Ground (SOG) Bar Chairs have been designed as an economical, lightweight and easy to use alternative to metal bar chairs SOG chairs have a strong flat plastic base and are designed to sit flat on all types of surfaces including gravel, sand and concrete blinding.

The easy clip-on system ensures the chair stays in place, especially when walking on or moving the reinforcing framework.

Key features of Slab On Ground Plastic Spacers:

• Easy to install Clip-On, suits reinforcing bar up to 20mm in diameter

• Easy cover identification on the chairs

• Flat base eliminates the need for separate bases

• Solid design eliminates any voids under the mesh or reinforcing bar

• Plastic material means no rust issues

• Complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 2425:2015

Code Name Cover Pack
311095 SOG 95C 95 mm 100 pc
311100 SOG 100C 100 mm 100 pc
311110 SOG 110C 110 mm 100 pc
311120 SOG 120C 120 mm 100 pc
311130 SOG 130C 130 mm 100 pc
311140 SOG 140C 140 mm 100 pc
311150 SOG 150C 150 mm 100 pc