Trapezium Standard

  • High stability through wide support surface
  • Applicable also for isolations
  • High bearing pressure
  • Perfect for slab on ground applications

What are Triangular Concrete Spacers?

Getting the right amount of concrete cover is essential for the durability of reinforced concrete structures. CONAC Triangular Concrete Spacers ensure that the correct concrete cover is achieved before and maintained during concreting.

Key Specs of Triangular Concrete Spacer  

Triangular Concrete Spacers are characterized by high compressive strength and excellent chemical and physical resistance. These concrete spacers are fire resistant and impermeable to water.

CONAC Triangular Concrete Spacers come in various lengths and offer a range of covers to meet your specific project requirements. A primary benefit of Triangular Concrete Spacers is that a constant concrete cover is maintained no matter their position since they are continuous by nature.

Also, these concrete spacers form an excellent bond with the concrete, thereby preventing any hairline cracks between the spacer and the concrete.

Triangular Concrete Spacer Compliance Standard  

We at Actech always ensure that the best possible products are available to the Australian Market. Hence, the products undergo testing before our customers get their hands on them. The Triangular Concrete Spacers comply with the AS:NZS 2425:2015 standard.

The spacers fulfill the requirements of all exposure classes. All recipes used are tested by independent testing institutes with regard to the required properties. Load test certificates and compliance of the material composition is available on request.

300 mm Long Straight 600 mm Long Straight 1200 mm Long Straight
Code Pc/Pallet Code Pc/Pallet Code Pc/Pallet
30 35TS03.30 4150 35TS06.30 2100 35TS12.30 950
35 35TS03.35 3150 35TS06.35 1600 35TS12.35 730
40 35TS03.40 2600 35TS06.40 1300 35TS12.40 600
45 35TS03.45 2050 35TS06.45 1000 35TS12.45 480
50 35TS03.50 1750 35TS06.50 850 35TS12.50 400
55 35TS03.55 1500 35TS06.55 750 35TS12.55 350
60 35TS03.60 1300 35TS06.60 640 35TS12.60 300
70 35TS03.70 950 35TS06.70 470 35TS12.70 200

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