Half Shim Range

Name Code Brand Cover Material Strength (kg) Style  
5mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 200 301005 Actech 5 Plastic 20000 Shim Order
3mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 200 301003 Actech 3 Plastic 20000 Shim Order
2mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 400 301002 Actech 2 Plastic 20000 Shim Order
20mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 60 301020 Actech 20 Plastic 20000 Shim Order
1mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 400 301001 Actech 1 Plastic 20000 Shim Order
15mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 80 301015 Actech 15 Plastic 20000 Shim Order
10mm 1/2 Shim 100 x 75mm in Bags of 80 301010 Actech 10 Plastic 20000 Shim Order


Product Description

Plastic Shims or Plastic Packing Shims are used for leveling Concrete Precast Panel, Machinery, and Transportable Buildings. Plastic Packing Shims go by multiple names, including Construction Packers, Structural Packers, or Panel Packers.

Key Specifications

Actech Plastic Shims are made from high-quality plastic. They are manufactured in Australia from premium quality materials and features that meet the high demands of the construction industry. However, its use can be seen in other instances. For example, plastic shims are also used to level doors, large windows and glazing, machinery and portable buildings.

Actech Plastic Shims possess high compressive strength since they are made from high impact plastic. Furthermore, natural polypropylene, which is resistant to chemicals, acid and petrol, is used in its manufacturing process. Furthermore, our plastic shims comply with the Australian Standard: AS3850.1:2015 whereby it is certified that it takes to a 20-tonne working load limit (WLL).

All Actech Plastic Shims comes with a non-skid surface with rib patterns, thereby increasing the coefficient of friction and prevents slippage while aligning panels. Actech Plastic Shims are colour coded by the thickness and come in two different sizes. Therefore size selection becomes easy.

Product Features

  • Made in Australia to AS3850 Clause A10
  • Beware of Inferior Imported shims that do not comply
  • Available in full or half sizes


SKU 301002
Shipping Weight 0.01323 kg


Panel Shims TDS (Technical Data)