BASF 222 Range

Name Code  
BASF MasterFinish 222 200 L 187222-0200 Order
BASF MasterFinish 222 20 L 187222-0020 Order


Product Description

MasterFinish 222 is a low viscosity, chemical release agent for all types of concrete formwork. MasterFinish 222 reacts with the alkalis and water at the interface of the concrete and formwork to produce a thin film of lime soap which breaks the bond enabling the formwork to be readily stripped.

Fields of Application

  • Use on all types of formwork to enable clean stripping of forms and provide excellent architectural finishes
  • Use in all concrete construction whether “in situ”, precast or prestressed
  • Application to wheelbarrows, trowels, buckets, and other construction tools to facilitate cleaning and provide temporary protection against rusting
  • Application to the metal window and door frames to prevent adhesion of cement and mortar splashes during construction


SKU 187222-0200
Shipping Weight 200 kg


MasterFinish 222 SDS (MSDS)
MasterFinish 222 TDS (Technical Data)