Form PLY Non Structural Range

Name Code Class Grade Length Quality Standard Thickness Width  
Form Ply 2400x1200x20mm with FF 4PLYA.20 Class 2 F11 2400 N/A 20 1200 Order
Form Ply 2400x1200x17mm with FF 4PLYA.17 Class 2 F11 2400 N/A 17 1200 Order
Form Ply 2400x1200x12mm with FF 4PLYA.12 Class 2 F11 2400 N/A 12 1200 Order
F11 Form Ply 2400x1200x25mm with FF 4PLYA.25 Class 2 F11 2400 N/A 25 1200 Order


Product Description

As the name suggests, non-structural plywood is not certified under AS2269. Meaning, they cannot be used for some applications.

There are four types of glue bonds used when manufacturing plywood. This gives rise to various levels of durability. This is the main reason that helps us classify if plywood is structural or non-structural. Plywood requires classification because of the quality of adhesives and how they cope with resisting weather elements.

Type C and Type D bonds are classified as Non-Structural Plywoods. These two types of bonds use urea-formaldehyde resin, which is not recommended for structural applications. They are ideal for appearance-based projects which require great aesthetics.

Product Features

  • Visually pleasing – non-structural plywood is great for applications where design is the key purpose
  • When structural requirements are not the primary concern, more focus can be weighed on appearance and versatility by using non-structural plywood
  • They provide a lightweight option
  • Cost-effective alternative



Shipping Weight 19.48052 kg