Master Finish 1076 Pin & Clamp (Pack of 4)

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Master Finish Bull Float Range

Name Code  
Masterfinish 1068 Aluminium Bullfloat 1800mm 7411068 Order
Master Finish1065 Aluminium Bullfloat 1500mm 7411065 Order
Master Finish 2.0M Clip Together Handle 741588 Order
Master Finish 1076 Pin & Clamp (Pack of 4) 7411076P-4 Order
Master Finish 1076 Keyed Telescopic Handle 7411076 Order
Master Finish 1076 Keyed Teles ADAPTER 7411076E Order
Master Finish 1064 Aluminium Bullfloat 1200mm 7411064 Order
Master Finish 1063 Aluminium Bullfloat 900mm 7411063 Order
Master Finish 1062 Aluminium Bullfloat 600mm 7411062 Order
Master Finish 1" Depth Bronze Bull Float Groover Bits 741CC941 Order


Product Description

The bull float is used for smoothing the surface of concrete prior to its setting. They are ideal for preparing the surface for trowelling or smoothing out concrete after it’s been poured. Bull floats are used after the cement has been pressed down, or tamped. Ideal for masonry work and DIY use.

The tilt of the blade is adjustable and controlled by twisting the handle. This enables the operator to change the tilt of the blade (continuously if required) to achieve the optimum finish to the concrete.

If the blade lies flat on the slab it leaves a rough finish but will close and fill holes. When the blade is tilted at an angle a smoother finish will result.


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