Master Finish Standard Screed Range

Name Code  
Master Finish 3600mm Standard 7400M36S Order
Master Finish 3000mm Standard 7400M30S Order
Master Finish 2700mm Standard 7400M27S Order
Master Finish 2400mm Standard 7400M24S Order
Master Finish 2100mm Standard 7400M21S Order
Master Finish 1800mm Standard 7400M18S Order
Master Finish 1500mm Standard 7400M15S Order
Master Finish 1200mm Standard 7400M12S Order
2.7m Master Finish Clamped Handle Screed 741CHS27 Order


Product Description

The Masterfinish Screed is ideal for smoothing and leveling concrete after it has been placed on a surface.

They are suitable for a myriad of concreting and landscaping applications. Furthermore, this screed features a clamp-on style handle, which can be reversed to the working face for second use. In addition, it is also fitted with end plugs and has a powder-coated finish for durability and easy clean-up.


SKU 7400M15S
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