Nail Plate Range

Name Code Chemical Type Material Thread Type Desc  
Tie Bar Nail Plates TB25 in Bags of 100 53NP.T25 Plate Plastic TB25 Plate Order
Tie Bar Nail Plates TB20 in Bags of 100 53NP.T20 Plate Plastic TB20 Plate Order
Tie Bar Nail Plates TB16 in Bags of 100 53NP.T16 Plate Plastic TB16 Plate Order
Tie Bar Nail Plates TB12 in Bags of 100 53NP.T12 Plate Plastic TB12 Plate Order
Nail Plates 24 53NP24 Plate Plastic M24 Plate Order
Nail Plates 20 53NP20 Plate Plastic M20 Plate Order
Nail Plates 16 53NP16 Plate Plastic M16 Plate Order
Nail Plates 12 53NP12 Plate Plastic M12 Plate Order
Nail Plates 10 53NP10 Plate Plastic M10 Plate Order
Colit Bolt Nail Plate 53NP20C Plate Plastic CB Plate Order


Product Description

Nailing Plates are designed to be screwed into the ferrule and are mechanically fastened to the formwork. This ensures that a 10mm recess is left behind in the panel.

In addition, Actech also provides Nail Plates for Coil Bar and Tie Bar Ferrules. In addition, the Nail Plates are colour coded so that they can be easily identifiable.

Note: The base is recessed to allow for mechanical fastening and removal from the ferrule.


SKU 53NP12
Shipping Weight 0.00745 kg
Chemical Type Plate
Material Plastic
Thread M12
Type Desc Plate


Nail Plates 12 TDS (Technical Data)