NS-7 Range

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NS-7 450g (Non-Shrink Grout Additive) 197081 Order
Fritz-Pak NS-7 - 42lb (20kg Bags) 197080 Order


Product Description

NS-7 is a ready-to-use dry powdered admixture to make non shrink grouts. Produces a more uniform and workable non-shrink grout with less water, improved flowability and extended set times.

Fields of Application

  • Increased compressive, shear and bond strength / Increased water retention.
  • Higher strengths may be achieved more economically / Easily adaptable to leaner mixes.
  • Improves grout workability with no loss in strength / Expansion provides better contact with surrounding surfaces.
  • Improves watertightness by reducing cracks and cold joints / Improves cohesiveness and decreases bleeding and segregation.

Product Features

  • Non-shrink Grout Fluidifier
  • Make Your Own Non Shrink Grout


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NS-7 TDS (Technical Data)