Open Cell Backing Rod Range

Name Code  
Open Cell Backer Rod 50mm Dia x 20m 8BRODOC50 Order
Open Cell Backer Rod 40mm Dia x 30m 8BRODOC40 Order
Open Cell Backer Rod 30mm Dia x 60m 8BRODOC30 Order
Open Cell Backer Rod 20mm Dia x 100m 8BRODOC20 Order
Open Cell Backer Rod 15mm Dia x 150m 8BRODOC15 Order


Product Description

Easy-form Open Cell Backing Rod is a compressible, cylindrical polyurethane foam structure that is ideal for use with one-part sealants. It is used as a backing in expansion/construction joints and building seal applications including tilt slab construction

Product Features

  • Open-cell structure
  • Vacuum packaged to reduce storage requirements
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Resistant to most chemicals


Shipping Weight 0 kg


Open Cell Backer 40mm SDS (MSDS)
Open Cell Backer 40mm TDS (Technical Data)