Polybar+ BLUE 20 x 10mm – 10m per Roll

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Polybar+ Range

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Polybar+ BLUE 20 x 5mm - 10m per Roll 8HBP005 Order
Polybar+ BLUE 20 x 10mm - 10m per Roll 8HBP010 Order


Product Description

Polybar+ water stops are a revolutionary alternative to bentonite water stops thanks to their impressive expansion capacity.

Polybar+ also remains stable even after repeated wet-dry cycles. It is also resistant to scouring and extremely easy to use thanks to its lightweight and high elasticity. Its expansion capacity and geometry can be fully customized so that we can develop and provide the best possible solution in every situation.

There are three variants of the Polybar+ based on common project requirements, they include:

  • Blue – Standard Version
  • Yellow – Salt Water Version (for saltwater up to 3w% manure and slurry)
  • Orange – Superswell Version (for use under highly saline conditions up to 10w%)

Product Features

  • Tailor-made geometry
  • Expansion capacity
  • Unsusceptible to washing out
  • User friendly
  • Lightweight & elastic


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