Stopper Range

Name Code Chemical Type Inner Diameter Material Type Desc  
Stopfen/Stopper 30mm in bags of 500 421030 Hollow 30 Plastic Hollow Order
Stopfen/Stopper 28mm in bags of 500 421028 Hollow 28 Plastic Hollow Order
Stopfen/Stopper 22mm in bags of 500 421022S Solid 22 Plastic Solid Order
Stopfen/Stopper 18mm in Bags of 1000 421018 Hollow 18 Plastic Hollow Order
Stopfen/Stopper 14mm in Bags of 1000 421014 Hollow 14 Plastic Hollow Order


Stopfen/Stopper 28mm in bags of 500


SKU 421028
Shipping Weight 0 kg
Chemical Type Hollow
Inner Diameter 28
Material Plastic
Type Desc Hollow