Non-Drip Tip Range

Name Code Brand Material Tip Angle Tip Flowrate  
Fatboy 8004E Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-FB8004ECOMPL - - - - Order
Fatboy 80015 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-FB80015COMPL - - - - Order
Fatboy 800067 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-FB800067COMPL Actech Brass 40 0.0067 Order
Fatboy 1100067 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-FB1100067COMPL - - - - Order
8004E Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-8004ECOMPL Actech Brass 80 0.04 Order
80015 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-80015COMPL Actech Brass 80 0.015 Order
800067 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-800067COMPL Actech Brass 80 0.0067 Order
110015 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-110015COMPL Actech Brass 110 0.015 Order
1100067 Non-Drip Tip Complete 2NDT-1100067COMPL Actech Brass 110 0.0067 Order


Product Description

If you use your sprayer a lot, you should consider upgrading the spray tip to include a Non-Drip Tip.

As you can see, the unit includes pressure sensitive stop filter. This prevents the tip from blocking, and ensures that when the trigger is turned off, there is no residual flow out of tip.

Ask for one when you next order a sprayer!


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