BASF 111 Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Size Type Desc  
BASF MasterKure 111 200 L 187111-0200 Finishing Aid Water 200 Finishing Aid Order
BASF MasterKure 111 20 L 187111-0020 Finishing Aid Water 20 Finishing Aid Order
BASF MasterKure 111 1000 L 187111-1000 Finishing Aid Water 1000 Finishing Aid Order


What is MasterKure 111?

MasterKure 111 is an evaporation retardant and finishing aid for fresh concrete which retards water evaporation during trowelling and combats rapid-drying conditions

How does MasterKure 111 work?

MasterKure 111 is an evaporation retardant and finishing aid, which assists in producing high-quality concrete flatwork. It retards water evaporation during trowelling, regulates the surface condition of the slab, and permits better adherence to finish schedules.

Recommended uses:

All types of concrete slabs, toppings, and finishing operations including:

  • Concrete containing water reducing, retarding, or accelerating admixtures
  • Air entrained concrete
  • Tilt-up, lift slab, pre-cast or prestressed concrete
  • Metallic or natural aggregate dry shakes and toppings
  • Coloured concrete
  • Burnished hard trowel, non-slip, swirl-trowelled, or wood float finishes
  • Hand or machine finishing
  • Membrane-type curing compounds, plastic sheeting, waterproof paper, or ponding

MasterKure 111 is not a curing agent and has no effect on hardened concrete.  Concrete must still be properly cured.

What makes MasterKure 111 a unique solution?

MasterKure 111 is especially effective in combating rapid-drying conditions such as high temperatures, low humidity and high winds.

What are the benefits of MasterKure 111?

  • Reduces surface moisture evaporation – reduces or eliminates plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting by about 80% in wind and 40% in sunlight
  • Reduces potential for surface drying shrinkage crazing – concrete quality improves with better and denser surface
  • Easier finishing – the surface closes better under the trowel giving an improved finish with less work
  • Reduces or eliminates crusting, stickiness, and underlying sponginess – due to rapid evaporation leading to unevenness and poor surface texture
  • Essential hot weather concreting practice – to combat rapid-drying conditions and retard evaporation


SKU 187111-0200
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MasterKure 111 SDS (MSDS)
MasterKure 111 TDS (Technical Data)